Adoptable Pets


Molly is an eight-year-old who can’t wait to find the “purrfect” home. 

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Adoptable Pets



Jasper is an almost-two-year-old Vizsla mix who is eager to please and loves treats.

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Adoptable Pets



Sam is a five-year-old shorthair cat with lots of love to give! 

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Adoptable Pets



Crissy is a one-year-old Labrador mix who is sweet, smart, and spirited.

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Adoptable Pets



Evan is a four-year-old shorthair cat who dreams of the “purrfect” home.

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Adoptable Pets



Ohana is a five-year-old pit bull terrier mix who would love to be part of your family.

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Adoptable Pets



Meet Blacksmith, an 11-year-old shorthair cat looking for a nice mellow home.

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Adoptable Pets



If you are looking for a dog who will always make you laugh, Howard is your pup!

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Animal Control

If you have a life-threatening emergency, please contact 911.

ANIMAL CONTROL: (307) 635-1453
DAILY 8 A.M. – 6 P.M.

AFTER HOURS: (307) 286-5089


While each contract varies in scope, the services remain relatively the same.  The Cheyenne Animal Shelter Animal Control Unit investigates possible violations of improper care and inhumane treatment of animals in our community as well as safety violations in our community from potentially dangerous animals by:

Enforcing state laws and local ordinances pertaining to animals;

Educating our community on the responsible care and treatment of animals in our homes, neighborhoods and adjoining lands;

Sheltering and caring for stray, lost or abandoned animals;

Assisting other law enforcement agencies with cases when potentially dangerous animals are present;

Investigating reports of animal cruelty and neglect;

Responding to calls regarding injured, lost, stray, sick or abandoned animals;

Investigating reports of potentially dangerous animals and those that have caused harm to a human or another animal; and

Removing deceased animals from public roadways.

Top priority calls include:

  • Dangerous/vicious animals that may cause immediate harm to a human or another animal;
  • Assisting other law enforcement personnel (police/fire) with cases involving animals;
  • Injured domestic animals needing urgent medical care
  • Abused/neglected animals

While we certainly understand an animal’s excessive barking, trespassing or relieving its waste on your property or a public walkway, or being exercised off-leash by its owner or caretaker can be frustrating, calls of this nature fall lower on our priority list.  An officer will follow up with you at our earliest convenience and we appreciate your patience and support!


When contacting our dispatch office, please have the following information available:

Date, time and location of incident

Description of incident – please include what occurred and what animals/humans were involved, if applicable:

  • A description of the animal you are reporting (if known: breed, color, approximate size)
  • The address where the animal resides, if known; and
  • The owner’s name, address and telephone number, if known.

For information related to laws and ordinances for either the City of Cheyenne or Laramie County:

Animal Control laws and ordinances enforced by the Cheyenne Animal Shelter Animal Control Unit within city limits can be found here.



Laramie County Animal Control ordinances can be found here.




For information on Wyoming state laws regarding animals, please review the Wyoming State Statutes click here.


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Cheyenne, WY 82007

Contact Us

Main Office: (307) 632-6655 Animal Control: (307) 635-1453 After Hours Lost & Found:
(307) 214-5779


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