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Brutus is a lover of snacks and for him – the more you have, the better!

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Adoptable Pets


This dashing man knows how to appreciate a good bed and a belly rub.

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Adoptable Pets


This smarty pants has a bright future ahead of him.

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Adoptable Pets

Little Texas

“It's not that I'm lazy or older... It's just that I'm highly motivated to do nothing. Wanna join?” – Little Texas

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Adoptable Pets


Kimber is great with kids, loves cuddles and a good game of fetch or tag.

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Adoptable Pets


Vader would make a good pet for your garage or shed. For the most part, he just likes being a cat, hanging out by himself doing cat things.

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Adoptable Pets


Bryght is a real pig.  And we mean that in every sense of the word! 

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Adoptable Pets


Ray loves attention and wants to play about 90% of his time. The other 10% is spent napping on laps and eating. If you have a lap, you should come meet this cutie.

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Lost & Found Pets

If you have lost or found a pet you can call our front desk at 307-632-6655 for more information, or during non-business hours our After Hours Lost & Found hotline can be reached at (307) 214-5779.
You can find more information on locating and reporting lost pets here.


German Shepherd Lost Near Gardenia

A female German Shepherd is missing near Gardenia in Cheyenne. She only has one eye and was wearing a collar and tags when she was lost. If you have more information please contact Gracie at or 303-525-7044.

Dog Lost Near College and Dell Range

A dog has been lost near College and Dell Range in Cheyenne. The dog is a five-year-old, dark brown pointer with slick hair, white chest, and a docked tail. It was wearing a camouflage collar and rabies tag when it was lost. The dog answers to Stryker. He was hit by a car on the evening of 1-9-18 and was last seen running away. He may be injured. If you have information please contact AJ Bailey at 307-256-7136.

Lost Dog Near Burns

A male Chihuahua has been lost near Lawrence Road and Rd 147 near burns. He is black with tan around the eyes and white on chest. The dog was wearing tags and a collar when he went missing. If you have information, please contact Rowdy at or call 307-631-4749.

Dog Found Near Bluff Place

A female dog has been found near Bluff Place in Cheyenne. She is white and is not wearing a collar or tags. If you have information you can contact Kayla Gillmore at 307-701-2014.

Cat Lost in 1600 Block of Converse

A black and white female cat has been lost near the 1600 block of converse. She was not wearing a collar or tags at the time she was lost. If you see this cat please contact Julie Doman at or 307-287-4549.

Dog Found Near Burns

A male, red and brown German short-hair dog has been found near I-80 and HWY 213 in Burns. At the time the dog was found it was not wearing a collar or any tags. If you’re missing a dog matching this description you can contact Katie at or by calling 303-910-5690.

Cat Found Near Logan and East 17th Street

A tame grayish cat with black stripes and green/yellow eyes has been found near Logan and East 17th street. If you think this cat is yours you can contact Adriene Kirkland at or 307-631-5758.

Cat Lost Near Country West Road

Cat lost near County Rd 220

A male cat is lost on the North of Hillsdale on Co Rd 143. The cat has black, medium hair with and is missing one canine. He has a few white hairs on his chest, and due to age (12 years) he is getting a few gray/white hairs scattered in coat. His ears are a little ragged, but he was physically strong and well muscled at the time he went missing and could have traveled a long way. If you have any information, you can contact Bonnie Bath Epler at or 307-421-4633.

A long hair, grey, tabby cat is missing near Country West Road in Cheyenne. The cat is a male who is neutered. At the time he was lost, he was not wearing a collar or identification. If you have information on where the cat is please contact Alisha Perkins at or 307-214-4990

Cat lost near Maple Way

A cat has been lost near Maple way in Cheyenne. It has brown/black long hair and green eyes. It was not wearing a collar or any tags. If you have information you can contact Cheyenne Nasimok at or 307-365-9657.

Dog Lost Near Hawksprings

A male border collie mix is lost near Rd 32 Rd 37, Hawksprings. He is mostly white with a black left ear and black spot on his left hip; the right ear also has some black and speckles. He had a red collar on and is possibly micro-chiped to Friends of Freddie New York. His name is Ryder. If you have any information you can contact Tami Graybill at or 307-532-2501.

Dog Found Near East 6th Street

A female German Shepherd has been found near East 6th Street. She is wearing a collar but does not have any identification. Please contact DeeAnndra if you have information on this dog. You can email her at or call 307-630-2577.


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