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If you need an independent woman in your life, then I’m your girl.

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Adoptable Pets


This honey pie can be a bit shy when first meeting new people but is quite playful and energetic once she knows you!

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Moo Cow

You always hear “dogs are a man’s best friend,” but why can’t I be?

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This world is full of wonderful adventures, don't you agree?

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I am the sweetest boy you will ever meet!

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Moxie came to the Shelter as a stray, extremely emaciated.

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I prefer a quiet lifestyle with wonderful windows to gaze through.

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Nothing is better than an all American Harley!

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Lost & Found Pets

If you have lost or found a pet you can call our front desk at 307-632-6655 for more information, or during non-business hours our After Hours Lost & Found hotline can be reached at (307) 214-5779.
You can find more information on locating and reporting lost pets here.


Lost Cat Near Pierce Avenue and Rock Springs

A female cat is missing near Pierce Avenue and Rock Springs. She was not wearing a collar or tags when she went missing. She’s a black and white long-haired Norwegian Forest Cat. If you have information please contact Leslie at or 307-509-9807.

Lost Cat Near Allison Rd and South Greeley

A male grey cat is missing near Allison Rd and South Greeley. It was not wearing a collar or tags at the time it went missing. If you have information please contact Rob Darling or Wendy Bails at or 307-421-6852.

Lost Cat Near Lunsford Drive

A male cat is lost near Lunsford Drive. He’s a black cat with a bit of white fur between his legs. If you have any information please contact Stormi at or 307-222-6582

Lost Dog Near Skyline Drive

A male black lab is missing near Skyline Drive in Cheyenne. He was wearing a collar and tags when he went missing. If you have any information please contact Braylin at or 307-286-9179.

Lost Cat Near Columbia Dr. & Powderhouse

A cat is lost near Columbia Dr. & Powderhouse. He’s a Manx & Ragdoll, who was not wearing tags or collars at the time he went missing. If you have any information please contact Lily at or 307-256-3342.

Lost Cat Near 21st, Bent, and O’Neil

A male cat is missing near 21 st street around Bent and O’Neil. He is pure black with bright green eyes. He was not wearing a collar or tags when he went missing. If you have any information, please contact Lauren at or 307-275-5265.

Cat Found Near Pershing Blvd and Olive Drive

A cat has been found near  Pershing Blvd and Olive Drive in Cheyenne. The cat is an orange/white male cat with a ringed tail. No tags or collar. If you believe this animal is yours, you can contact George at or 406-223-0595

Find a Missing Pet


The loss of a beloved companion is often a scary and frightening event; many owners do not even know where to start their search. Often, owners never even think of looking at their local animal shelter. In fact, according to the ASPCA, nationally less than two percent of stray cats and only 15-20% of stray dogs at animal shelters are reclaimed by their owners. Of those animals that were reclaimed by their owners, many were microchipped or were wearing an ID tag, enabling the shelter to contact the owner.

If your animal ever goes missing, the following simple steps will help you find your best friend.

  • Start the search for the lost pet as soon as you notice it is missing. The longer you wait, the less likely it is that you will find your animal.
  • Check at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. If it is after hours, give our After Hours Lost & Found Hotline a call at (307) 214-5779. The following day, make sure to come out and look as soon as the shelter opens. If your animal is not at the shelter, we will have you fill out a lost card, please bring a photo of your lost pet with you so that we may attach it to the lost card. We recommend that you check our shelter at least every other day. We often receive between 20-40 animals a day and typically have 200 animals in the lost files. We try our best to help owners find their lost pets, but owners are the best at identifying their own animals. If you find your pet, please call us at 307-632-6655!
  • Contact the classified section of the newspaper. Both the Tribune Eagle (307-633-9985) and Traders (307-634-8895) will run lost and found ads for free for a limited period of time. Make sure that you look in the paper for found ads, too. Perhaps someone has already found your pet.
  • Displaying posters around the area where you lost your pet is a great way to find your missing friend. Make sure to use bold letters that can be by drivers, also include the type and breed of animal, whether it is a male or female, an adult or baby, and a name and number where you can always be reached. Often, offering a small reward, like $10 is a great way to get every neighborhood child on the lookout. Also, have a picture of the lost pet on your poster. Bring your lost pet poster to local veterinary offices and to the shelter.
  • Local radio stations can also help you find your lost animal.
  • You can also use social media, Click here to use Cheyenne Animal Shelters After Hours Lost & Found Facebook Group
  • Injured animals are often found and taken immediately to the nearest vet clinic. A complete list of vet clinics in Cheyenne can be found in the yellow pages of the phone book under the section titled, “Veterinarians”.

Find more information here.


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Adoption hours:
11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily

Reclaim/drop off:
11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily

Seven days a week
(except New Years, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas)

Contact Us

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