Adoptable Pets


It’s October! Wouldn’t bringing home this awesome ten-year-old boy named Vader be the best Halloween treat? We’re sure he’d think so!

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Adoptable Pets

Oreo Cookie

Charming, adventurous, playful, and cuddly sums up sweet boy Oreo Cookie! He’s a five-year-old, large, fully grown mixed breed who, with a little love and training, would be as polite as he is sweet!

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Adoptable Pets


Peaches this small and sweet as she can be five-year-old domestic shorthair is longing for her forever home!

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Adoptable Pets

King Tut

Meet King Tut! This gorgeous big guy is one-year-old Anatolian Shepherd Mix. This breed is typically all business, serious dignified, calm and quiet and would do best with a kind assertive leader that can instill respect.

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Adoptable Pets

Mr. Watson

Just look at those gorgeous green eyes! It’s elementary that three-year-old Mr. Watson would make a wonderful addition to your family!

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Adoptable Pets


Pick me! Handsome is a one-year-old black retriever/lab mix just waiting for his forever family!

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Adoptable Pets


This bright orange and spunky little kitten is Absalom! How could you not want to take him home!

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Adoptable Pets


This little handsome guy is Bert! At six-years-old this Chihuahua, Short Coat Mix has a heart of gold and getting to go home with you and lover you forever would be the greatest gift he could ask for.

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The Cheyenne Animal Shelter offers several resources for the community. From finding a missing pet, animal control services, help for low cost spay and neuter, microchipping, pet loss support, our Kind News magazine, and of course the facilities the Cheyenne Animal Shelter houses. Click on one of the links below to see in detail what we have to offer.

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Extend humane treatment of animals beyond companion pets to the wildlife in your backyard. While animals like deer, bats, skunks, squirrels and raccoons can be a nuisance, the best way to keep your pets safe and address conflicts with wildlife is to prevent conflicts from happening in the first place. By identifying potential problems and taking a few humane prophylactic measures, you can peacefully coexist with deer, bats, skunks, squirrels, raccoons and rabbits. Click here for a list of do’s and don’ts!

Find a Missing Pet

Grieving & Loss Support

Fun At Home Activities

Spay & Neuter Help (The Big Fix)
The Big Fix, a proactive program of CAS offers low-cost neutering to income-eligible families in our community. Each month 15-30 animals are altered through the Big Fix, slowly reducing the number of unwanted animals that are turned in to the shelter each year.  The program targets low-income families and individuals that do not utilize veterinary services because of economic barriers and offers financial assistance for neutering of cats and dogs. The Cheyenne Animal Shelter would like to thank the following Veterinary Clinics for helping with the Big Fix program:  Avenues Pet Clinic, LaZoetry Veterinary Clinic, Cheyenne Pet Clinic, Broadmoor East Veterinary Clinic, Frontier Veterinary Clinic and Tri State Veterinary Clinic.

For more information about the Big Fix program, call 307-286-0177, or download an application here.

Feral Cat Program
In an effort to reduce the overpopulation of cats in our community, and to help the caregivers of feral cat colonies, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter offers an affordable program to help neuter and vaccinate feral cats. Through the Feral Cat Program, feral cats are neutered, vaccinated, tested for disease and then are released back into the wild by their caregivers. These cats are free of deadly diseases, can no longer reproduce and are vaccinated against rabies. The cost per animal to participate in our Feral Cat Program is $30. This fee includes neutering, testing for FIV and FeLuk, and administering vaccinations, including rabies.

To make an appointment to have a feral cat neutered, call 307-632-6655. Appointments fill quickly, so make sure to call at least one day ahead of time. A limited number of humane traps are available at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, call first to ensure availability.

Microchips work like an identification tag. But, microchips cannot fall off, get lost or be forgotten. They are tiny, harmless devices that are implanted between an animal’s shoulder blades. They transmit a signal with a number that can be detected by special wands. The number corresponds to a number in a database, linking the animal to its owner’s contact information. If an animal gets lost, anyone with a wand can link the microchip to the owner’s contact information and get him or her home quickly.

Choosing to microchip your pet is an inexpensive, responsible and often life-saving decision. We will microchip your pet for just $30. Just bring your pet to the shelter between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. The process only takes a minute, and no appointment is necessary. The Cheyenne Animal Shelter also holds quarterly microchip clinics with reduced microchip fees of only $20. Please see our event calendar for more details.

Cheyenne Animal Shelter Statistics

The formula used to calculate the below statistics (designed by Best Friends) is:  

(Total Intakes – Total Other Outcomes) / (Total Intakes – Owner Requested Euthanasia) 

Cheyenne Animal Shelter FY 16-17 Statistics


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Reclaim/drop off: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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Seven days a week
(except New Years, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas)

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