Welcome to the Worth the Wait Pet Request Program

What is the Worth the Wait Pet Request Program?

Cheyenne Animal Shelter’s Worth the Wait Pet Request Program helps people looking to adopt a specific breed or type of animal. The criteria you provide us help us make a match for you, but there is no guarantee we will find a pet who meets all of your requirements. While we encourage you to be specific and detailed, please understand we will only call you if a pet matches exactly what you are looking for. For example, if you say you only want a female, we will not call you about a male that matches your other criteria. The more flexible your criteria, the more likely it is we will match you with an animal.

How does this program work?

Once you are on our Worth the Wait Pet Request list, we will contact you with possible matches. We will contact you using each phone number you have provided us with until we reach someone. If we are unable to speak to someone directly, we will leave a message. We will let you know what time the call is placed and then give you until 6:00 pm that same day to call us back. If you do not call us back by the time stated, we cannot guarantee that the animal will still be available. Once we speak with you and give you information about the animal, we will then give you 24-hours to come to the shelter to meet the animal. If, after speaking with us, you decide the animal is not a good match, we will move to the next person on our list and keep searching for you.

You will be kept on our Pet Request list until one of the following happens:

  • We make a match for you

  • You find an animal from another source

  • You decide you are no longer searching for an animal

  • You do not renew your request every three months (there is no charge to renew your request so long as it is done within that time-frame). It is the responsibility of each member of the Pet Request to contact Cheyenne Animal Shelter’s Pet Request team to renew this membership.

  • If we contact you about possible matches three times and do not hear back from you, we will automatically remove you from the program. It is very important to keep in communication with us on a regular basis so that we know you are actively involved in the program and in search of a new pet.

The Pet Request program does not constitute an adoption agreement. Once you meet an animal that you are interested in adopting, you will then proceed with the normal adoption process, including an adoption application, adoption counseling, doing dog interaction/cat test (if applicable), and having all members of your household meet the animal. The $25 service fee you pay to join our Worth the Wait Pet Request is non-refundable, but does go towards the adoption fee of an animal should you find an animal to adopt from Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

Cheyenne Animal Shelter is an open-admission shelter; we have no control over what types of animals will arrive at our doors. While some types of animals are rare, like Saint Bernards, we could get ten surrendered to the shelter tomorrow. It is possible we may not take in the specific type of animal you are looking for.

These steps must be completed in order to be on our waiting list:

  1. Read this form completely to learn how our Worth the Wait Pet Request Program process works

  2. Fill out an online form and submit payment online through the use of a PayPal account or credit/debit card. This fee must be paid before you are officially on the Pet Request list.

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