The weather gets warmer, everything starts to bloom, and it feels like Summer is right around the corner –Spring is officially in the air! Our staff and the pets we care for also enjoy this shift, but it brings challenges with the ever-growing cat population of the community.

The Spring season pushes the Shelter to capacity with vulnerable kittens (and occasionally their mothers) who need additional care and supplies. Each year, we ask the community to give a hand in their care by donating much-needed goods, medical funds, and even opening their homes to become a foster.

Help us kick off our Cat & Kitten Supply Drive to get all of the items on our wish list! Did you know that a can of Kitten Milk Replacement can last some litters just a few days?! Our goal is to keep a stockpile on hand for our foster families and to be as prepared as we can for the litters that show up and need care.

If you’re able to donate items, funds, or even your time, you can use the links below. We know our community has our back and appreciate all you do!