Lost & Found

Pets on this page are not available for adoption.

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter is actively looking to reunite them with their families. 

  • Pets having NO ID —  rabies tag, owners tag or microchip will be held for 3 days once they are picked up per our city/county ordinances, after which they become the property of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.
  • Pets having an ID —  a current rabies tag, currant owners tag or a current microchip will be held for 5 days once they are picked up per our city/county ordinances, after which they become the property the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

If one of these pets belongs to you, please call 307-632-6655 to schedule a reclaim appointment.  You will need to bring a current driver license, proof of ownership of the pet i.e. a rabies certificate or veterinary records in your name and a photo of the pet.

 Lost Pet Tips

  1. Check with neighbors, mail carriers, neighborhood watch captains, and other individuals familiar with your area. Let them know your pet is lost so they can keep an eye out. 
  2. If you don’t find your pet immediately, take a break and try again later. Pets often return to familiar areas. If you see your pet, bend down into a squatting position and call the pet’s name. Remember to keep your voice light and happy, and to praise your pet for coming back. Do not punish your pet as this will teach him or her to ignore your calls.
  3. Check local shelters. Visit the Cheyenne Animal Shelter every day. Pets are held for three-five days once they are picked up, after which they become the property of the shelter.
  4. Check Facebook. We have a Cheyenne Animal Shelter lost and found page run by some very amazing volunteers.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/LostandFoundCAS/?ref=bookmarks

Here are a few other local lost and found Facebook pages we are not affiliated with to check for and post your pet on. 





  1. Newspaper ads: When placing a newspaper ad remember that the ad will not appear until the next newspaper cycle.
  2. Posting Notices: When posting a notice, include a picture of the pet and description including color and size. If you have a purebred pet and no photo, look at the library for a picture of a similar pet. Place notices in neighborhood gathering places such as grocery stores, laundry mats, veterinary offices, libraries and schools.



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Walk Thru Hours: Everyday 3 PM- 5:30 PM ONLY- must have an appointment to adopt.

Currently available only by telephone at 632-6655 from  11 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Virtual Adoptions by appointment ONLY  11 A.M. - 5 P.M

We are accepting owner-surrenders by appointment only at 632-6655.

Check out our rehoming program!


Daily basis from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. - Please call ahead 632-6655


Main Office: (307) 632-6655

Animal Control: (307) 635-1453

After Hours Lost & Found: (307) 214-5779

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter provides intake, reclaim and owner surrender services to Cheyenne and Laramie County residents only.


Lonley Hearts

Animals with a heart on their picture are a part of our Lonely Hearts Club. These are the animals that have been at the Shelter the longest and are waiting for their new home! Meet our club members and see if you can replace the loneliness with love!

Animal Adoption faq

How do I adopt a pet?

As Wyoming’s largest animal adoption agency, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter has the widest selections of cats and dogs, rabbits, small mammals and more in Wyoming. Visit our Shelter today or log on to our website to view available animals. We have three large dog adoption rooms, “cat alley” and critter space. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask. Sometimes animals just haven’t undergone their initial examinations or received their vaccinations to make them available.

While visiting the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, a pet adoption counselor will help you find the pet that is the best match for your family and lifestyle. After you select a pet, you’ll complete an adoption application and, once approved, a Cheyenne Animal Shelter staff person will begin the adoption process, which often takes as little as an hour. Once you have reviewed all adoption paperwork, you’ll pay the adoption fee. Then, you’re ready to take your new furry family member home.

Adoption Package Includes (worth roughly $370):

Neuter/Spay: $250
Microchip and national registration: $50
One month of pet health insurance for $1
At least one set of vaccinations: $40
De-worming: $30
Pet information
A certificate for a free veterinary exam

Can I put a pet on hold?

We are more than happy to place a 24-hour hold on a cat or dog you’re interested in adopting but this must be done in person. The hold fee is only $25 and can be paid by credit card or cash. If you decide to adopt that pet, the $25 will be applied directly to his/her adoption fee.

If you choose not to adopt, the $25 fee becomes a donation to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter!

How many pets do you adopt out each year?

In 2017, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter found homes for more than 2,671 dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and other small animals. We are proud to be the state’s oldest and largest pet adoption agency, thanks in no small part to our generous sponsors and donors.

Do you adopt out purebred cats and dogs?

Absolutely! Many of our adoptable pets are purebreds. Since new pets are made available for adoption every day, we encourage you to check our adoptable dogs and adoptable cats pages often.
Still have questions? Visit our animal control FAQ for more frequently asked questions!

Why do I have to pay an adoption fee?

Our adoption fees help to offset the cost of evaluation, housing, food and medical care for the thousands of animals that come through our doors.  The Cheyenne Animal Shelter is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization.  Donations close the gap between the cost of pet care and the adoption fee. It is only through the generosity of our donors that we have the resources to help so many animals and we so appreciate you!

Why do you have different adoption fees for the animals?

We determine each pet’s adoption fee based upon their age, breed and suitability with children and other pets, as well as other factors. Dogs and cats with a higher adoption fee leave a financial legacy for those animals who need extra help – whether they need extensive medical care or just a little more time to find a loving home.

Can my pet meet a potential adoption first?

Absolutely! We strongly encourage “meet-and-greets” where you bring your resident dog to meet the dog you plan to adopt. An adoption counselor will assist you with the dog-to-dog introduction. Your dog MUST be up-to-date on immunizations before we can allow an introduction with one of our adoptable pets. Unfortunately, we cannot do any off-site “meet-and-greets.”

How long do pets remain up for adoption?

At the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, there is no “time limit” for cats and dogs that are up for adoption and we find homes for every adoptable pet under our care. Some pets are adopted within a few hours, while other pets remain in our care for months!

Can I adopt a pet as a gift for someone?

We do not adopt out pets as surprise gifts to family and friends. At the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, we believe it is very important for individuals to choose their own pet so they can find the perfect match for their family, lifestyle and expectations. However, we do offer Cheyenne Animal Shelter gift certificates. To order, contact (307) 632-6655 or [email protected].