Big Fix Program


What is Big Fix?


 The Big Fix, a proactive program of CAS offers low-cost neutering to income-eligible families in our community. With the Big Fix Program we are slowly reducing the number of unwanted animals that are turned in to the shelter each year. The program targets low-income families and individuals that do not utilize veterinary services because of economic barriers and offers financial assistance for neutering of cats and dogs.



How much does is cost?


Big Fix fees range anywhere from $5 for certain vaccines to $40 to spay/neuter a cat or $95 to spay/neuter a dog. Certain procedures can have more fees, but will be discussed before they are performed.  



 How do I apply?


For more information about the Big Fix program, email [email protected] or download an application here: Big Fix Application 2021


When will I know if I qualify?


After you submit your application with proof of income, it can take about 7-14 business days for our staff to review your application. After they review they will contact you to let you know if you qualify and to get you scheduled.



Do you offer vet services besides Big Fix?


Unfortunately we do not accept clients other than Big Fix clients.