How to Adopt

How do I adopt an animal?

  1. Fill out an application online or in person.
  2. Come to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter during adoption hours (M-Sat noon to 6 pm) to walk through and meet adoptable pets!
  3. Sit with an adoption counselor to learn about your potential pet and make sure it’s a match. For any dog adoptions, bring any of your family dogs for a meet-and-greet.
  4. You fall in love and adopt your new pet!
    All animals must leave on a leash, or in a carrier.

    Animal Viewing

    • Walk-throughs to view adoptable animals are available Monday – Saturday, from 8 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

    Adoption Application Review

    What are we reviewing? 

    Our management staff will review your application to ensure the animal(s) you are interested in is a good fit for you and your family and that local animal laws are being followed.  Some animals take extra special care, and it’s our responsibility to ensure we place them in a home where their needs will be met.


    Animal Surrenders:

    What if I need to surrender my pet?

    • Owner surrenders are by appointment only so please call 307-632-6655 from Noon – 6 pm.
    • Why do I have to make an appointment? 

    Effective April 15, 2019, CAS adapted a Managed Admission policy (see release here). This allows our staff to be able to obtain a more detailed history so that we can provide a more appropriate placement in the future. 

    It also ensures that we have the staff available to take and care for that animal at that time. On some occasions, kind patrons will bring in a litter of kittens at a time to surrender. The care of a litter of kittens requires (insert data about how many hours our staff spends with new kittens)

    • You can also utilize our pet rehoming program here. 
    • All you need to do is create your pet’s profile in less than 10 minutes. Once complete, your pet’s profile will be posted on and be seen by millions of visitors each month. Your pet can remain in your home, and in your loving care during this time. 

    Animal Adoption faq

    Adoption Package Includes (worth roughly $370):

    Neuter/Spay: $250
    Microchip and national registration: $50
    One month of pet health insurance for $1
    At least one set of vaccinations: $40
    De-worming: $30
    Pet information
    A certificate for a free veterinary exam

    How many pets do you adopt out each year?

    In 2017, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter found homes for more than 2,671 dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and other small animals. We are proud to be the state’s oldest and largest pet adoption agency, thanks in no small part to our generous sponsors and donors.

    Do you adopt out purebred cats and dogs?

    Absolutely! Many of our adoptable pets are purebreds. Since new pets are made available for adoption every day, we encourage you to check our adoptable dogs and adoptable cats pages often.

    Why do I have to pay an adoption fee?

    Our adoption fees help to offset the cost of evaluation, housing, food and medical care for the thousands of animals that come through our doors.  The Cheyenne Animal Shelter is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization.  Donations close the gap between the cost of pet care and the adoption fee. It is only through the generosity of our donors that we have the resources to help so many animals and we so appreciate you!

    Why do you have different adoption fees for the animals?

    We determine each pet’s adoption fee based upon their age, breed and suitability with children and other pets, as well as other factors. Dogs and cats with a higher adoption fee leave a financial legacy for those animals who need extra help – whether they need extensive medical care or just a little more time to find a loving home.

    Can my pet meet a potential adoption first?

    Absolutely! We strongly encourage “meet-and-greets” where you bring your resident dog to meet the dog you plan to adopt. An adoption counselor will assist you with the dog-to-dog introduction. Your dog MUST be up-to-date on immunizations before we can allow an introduction with one of our adoptable pets. Unfortunately, we cannot do any off-site “meet-and-greets.”

    How long do pets remain up for adoption?

    At the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, there is no “time limit” for cats and dogs that are up for adoption and we find homes for every adoptable pet under our care. Some pets are adopted within a few hours, while other pets remain in our care for months!

    Can I adopt a pet as a gift for someone?

    We do not adopt out pets as surprise gifts to family and friends. At the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, we believe it is very important for individuals to choose their own pet so they can find the perfect match for their family, lifestyle and expectations. However, we do offer Cheyenne Animal Shelter gift certificates. To order, contact (307) 632-6655 or [email protected].