The Cheyenne Animal Shelter offers several programs and assistance for the Laramie County community – from finding a missing pet, animal control services, help for low cost spay and neuter, micro-chipping, and of course the facilities the Cheyenne Animal Shelter houses.

Feral Cat Program

In an effort to reduce the overpopulation of cats in our Laramie County community, and to help the caregivers of feral cat colonies, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter offers an affordable program to help neuter and vaccinate feral cats. Through the Feral Cat Program, feral cats are neutered, vaccinated, tested for disease and then are released back into the wild by their caregivers. These cats are free of deadly diseases, can no longer reproduce and are vaccinated against rabies. The cost per animal to participate in our Feral Cat Program is $30. This fee includes neutering and administering vaccinations, including rabies. You can also purchase a microchip for an additional $30, FeLV/FIV test for an additional $25 and a Feline Leukemia vaccination for an additional $5.

To make an appointment to have a feral cat neutered, call 307-632-6655. Appointments fill quickly, so make sure to call at least one day ahead of time. A limited number of humane traps are available at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, call first to ensure availability.

Barn Cat Program

Barn cats are cats who came into the shelter under-socialized, feral, or otherwise unsuitable for house-cat living. For a substantially reduced adoption fee, these cats may be adopted to be put to work in shops, barns, etc. These cats are all vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed/neutered, and ear-tipped prior to going to their new place of employment.

People who adopt barn cats are still expected to provide adequate food, water, and shelter.

Fun At Home Activities

People like to give back and make original gifts to give the animals. You can find many ideas and activities that are fun for the whole family to participate in and feel good about doing them too.

Click here for original craft and baking ideas specifically for pets. You may use these ideas at home for your own pets, or shelter pets.

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