Rehome Program


What is the Rehome Program?

 Here at Cheyenne Animal Shelter, we know that making the choice to rehome your pet is never easy. With our Rehome Program, we hope to make that burden a little easier. We are here to help you safely find a loving forever home for your pet. 


How do I post my pet?

Following the link here, you will be directed to where you will fill out a profile for your pet. This will take you about 10 minutes to complete. Once you are finished your pet will be listed on the Adopt-a-Pet website for thousands of people looking for a pet of their own.

How do they contact me?

When filling out the profile you will include your contact information. People can then email or call you depending on your preference to ask questions.



 I still have Questions.

Contact our Assistant Director of Operations, Cambria Menasco, at [email protected]