Kay Kay

is a 3 year old male Domestic Shorthair/Mix who is looking for someone with a bit of patience to help her come out of her shell. She is a bit of a scared-y cat, but with the right owner, she is destined for greatness!


is a 4 year old female Boxer/Mix who is your average, high maintenance southern belle! Like most belles, she does have a few requests - she would prefer to be the only belle in the home with humans older than 10 years old, and requests company when she goes outside, or she'll hop the fence to chase anything she can find! If you can grant her these requests, she will be the most loving dog you could ever hope for! Come meet this sweetie today!

Xena WP

is a 4 month old female Domestic Medium Hair/Mix who is, indeed, a "WP" (Warrior Princess). We believe she was caught in a car engine as a kitten and, as a result, only has 3 legs and spooks easily. She might play for a moment, but, as all warrior princesses do, she would prefer to be left to do her own thing. Will you be the one to rescue this sweet warrior?


is a 9 year old female American Blue Heeler/Terrier, Pit Bull Mix who would make a great addition to any home! She loves treats and being active, and can't wait to be a part of your family.


is a 1 year old female Domestic Medium Hair/Mix who is just itching for a chance to warm up your heart! Come visit her today - she would love to meet you!


is a 2 year old male Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix who is just about as calm, cool and collected as they come. He is not a huge fan of others dogs, but he will hang out with you all day every day if given the chance. Come meet this cool dude today.


is a 6 month old male Domestic Shorthair/Mix who will talk your ear off all day long, but will require it to be on his terms to love on you. Looking for a pro tip? Treats will get him to warm up to you much faster than it normally would. 🙂


is a 4 year old male Chihuahua, Short Coat/Mix whose favorite hobby is hiding under blankets. He has a personality all his own, and we'll guarantee it will make you smile. Come meet him - you won't regret it!

I Want to Help Kevin!

Volunteer Kevin O’Hare is Currently Offering a Matching Challenge to help community cats!

                A non-profit organization like the Cheyenne Animal Shelter counts on its volunteers to help care for the nearly 6,000 pets we care for each year.

                Volunteer Kevin O’Hare has become instrumental to the successful adoptions of hundreds of pets all around the United States, but particularly the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.  He has served as a transfer volunteer for the past nine years, transporting pets from one shelter or rescue to another when doing so will help a pet have a better chance of getting adopted.

                O’Hare has logged some impressive stats!  In 2018 alone, he did 98 runs (21 for the Cheyenne Animal Shelter) logging just short of 71,000 miles.  That included 139 dogs, 231 cats, seven rats, six rabbits, four guinea pigs, three gerbils, two zebra finches and one hamster.

                “I have always loved animals,” O’Hare says.  “When I retired, I decided I wanted to do something to help animals.  Originally, I was involved in event assistance but then I got involved with the Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue in Wheatland transporting animals from one place to the other.  From there, it just sort of took off.”

                O’Hare does transfers for nearly 50 organizations around the country.  “Most transfers work from the southeastern United States to the North and West,” he explained. “I’ve gone as far as North Carolina and even to British Columbia in Canada.”

                A software engineer by trade who lived in California, O’Hare has called Cheyenne home for the past 13 years. 

                Another passion of his is the Cheyenne Animal Shelter’s Trap/Neuter/Release program (TNR), in which feral cats in the community are trapped, altered at the Shelter and re-released to their original environment.  This keeps the “community cats” from breeding more unwanted litters while allowing them to live out their lives not in captivity.

                To that end, O’Hare is contributing $5,000 to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter to be used as a matching challenge.  Funds raised will help cover the cost of traps, the spay/neuter of the cats and vaccinations.  Last year, the Shelter’s medical team performed 431 spay/neuter procedures on community cats.  It is estimated that by doing so, some 38,000 kittens were prevented from being born.             

                Thank you Kevin O’Hare for all that you help us to do, for all the pets you’ve helped to transport and for all the lives you have helped to save.

                Interested in donating to the TNR Matching Challenge fund?  Click below to help Kevin! 



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