This high energy guy is just a pup and is ready to take his spot in a perfect home!


Lucky is quite the head-turner with his silky black coat and deep green eyes! He really wants to be the center of attention.


Major is a special guy. He’s a tri-pawd! That doesn’t stop him from romping and playing though. He’s got a lot of spunk and energy!


Will Feral was so wild and feral when she came in, that she would not allow us to touch her. So, we couldn't even tell if she was a boy or a girl! She has since had a change of heart and is looking for a home that will treat her like a queen!


What a handsome guy - that is not the only amazing thing about him though. Maximus is very smart and eager to please!


If Petty gets to acting like his name, a little head scratch and snuggle will fix his ‘tude. He’s just looking for a human to show what true love is.


Pippy is a special needs pup looking for the right home to call her own. She needs a family that doesn’t mind a little work. She promises it’ll be worth it!


All Reese wants is to become a part of your family and to be loved. He will rub up against you until you smell only of him. He is easy to get to know and would love to spend the day with you lounging on the couch.

Meet Animal Control Officer Don Kremer

There’s more to Don than meets the eye.

Tinsel the Tripawd gets a new Chance at Life

Sweet baby Tinsel was found on the side of I-80 in the middle of the night by a good samaritan. She was out by herself in the freezing cold, and unable to use her left front leg. The good samaritan contacted our on-call Animal Control Officer and offered to keep Tinsel safe and warm throughout the night, and then brought her to the Shelter the following morning to be seen by our veterinary team.

Unfortunately, our veterinary team found a very severe fracture of Tinsel’s humerus, which is a bone that does not typically heal well with splinting or casting. She also had permanent nerve damage that affected her ability to move her leg and paw. A splint was applied but failed to properly align the fracture, and Tinsel was very painful despite being given a wide variety of pain medications. In order to relieve Tinsel’s pain and give her the best chance of a long, happy life, our veterinary team made the tough decision to amputate Tinsel’s leg.

…and little Tinsel couldn’t care less! She has already adapted incredibly well to life as a “tri-pawd” and is expected to make a full recovery! Your donations and support enable us to provide the best care possible for special cases like Tinsel, as well as for all of the other animals in our care.


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