new PotenTial family members


Sweetie is her name for reason. What an absolutely lovely dog who would love a warm lap to cuddle up with. She is adventurous and tons of fun, so she’d love to come with you everywhere! Sweetie will love you so much, she’ll push away the other dogs and would prefer to be the one and only!



Repete is a curious boy. He likes to smell all the smells before he will relax and play.
He gets along with his friends here at the shelter but he will need to meet any 4-legged-friends that he would be living with, however we do know that he cannot live with cats.

King Kong

My days on the silver screen are over (yes the gorilla was played by a cat) and I’m ready to retire but I’m still wanting to capture a lovely lady’s (or gentleman’s) heart, but like many retired stars I’ve put on a few pounds and need little extra help managing my weight. Due to being extra chunky I sometimes need help grooming but what star doesn’t want his own hair and makeup team. I like costars and play well with others but I get kind of sleepy with all that exercise but it’s good for. Me if you want to climb to the top with me I’m your man.

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Re-Home Pet Program

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Virtual Adoption

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