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Our Mission
The mission of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter is to enhance the quality of life for animals and people through compassion, respect and education. Support our mission and save a life!



new PotenTial family members


Meet Stewart, an adorable and sweet male mouse who would love to be part of your family. He loves a good roll in his exercise ball and is just the cutest when he’s begging for a treat.


Meet Pongo, a dashing four-year-old Border Collie mix looking to find the perfect family. He’s a very energetic boy who loves adventures and being outside. Along with being a fan of fun, Pongo also is always up for a good snuggle session.


This princess of a cat would love to come home and cuddle with you. Aurora is a senior kitty looking for a home where she can rule the kingdom as the only cat and get all the attention she deserves.


pets adopted in 2020

Lost and found pets in 2020


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Our Blog

From Our Director – Britney Tennant January 7, 2022

Today is my 60th day as the CEO at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. As I write this, we are rebounding from a snow day and a flurry of activity surrounding the reality of an animal shelter that has run out of kennel space. Thankfully, that temporary state has passed -...

The Perfect Gift for The Pet Lover or Pet in Your Life!

The Perfect Gift for The Pet Lover or Pet in Your Life!

Give a gift to the animals in our care in honor of someone. You can do so online and we’ll send you a card to give to them. If you come into the Shelter and donate, you can also select an ornament from our tree to give to them. The Cheyenne Animal Shelter also has a wide variety of gifts to give to the favorite pet in your life. We are open Tuesdays through Saturdays from noon to 6 p.m.

A New Vision of Becoming  a Regional Leader in Animal Welfare

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter recently celebrated 50 years of service to the local community. While there have been many ups and downs during that time, we have continued to focus on our mission of enhancing the quality of life for animals and people through compassion,...

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