A little sniff sniff here, a little carrot there – I’m a pretty easy-going bunny to get along with!


Georgie is the sensitive type. He will share his feelings with you and listen to anything you need to say, without any kind of judgement.


I am a rambunctious young man who will need lots of love and training. I am still figuring out how to be a gentleman, so please be patient with me.


I like almost anything -- cats, dogs, kids, etc. -- and am very adaptable to whichever family would like to spend forever with me!


I had an unfortunate tangle with a much bigger dog and my owners could not afford my care, so the Shelter is giving me the treatment I need. I am making a great recovery and ready to find a new home!


In many ways I'm a typical cat... However, I LOVE to open up my own cupboards, windows, and have even been known to play attack from above. (Please give me a tower to plot that friendly attack in).


Koufax is a handsome devil that is just looking for a place to relax.


Not only am I a god, I am a Siamese! I wish to have a home with lots of personal space for me to roam and perches to watch my underlings in action.

Spots the Cat is Fighting for a New Life

On Christmas Eve, Spots, a six-month-old kitten was brought into the Shelter after being hit by a car.

Spots suffered some pretty major injuries. X-rays showed that she had a rupture in her diaphragm and a hip dislocation, both of which need surgery to fix.

Our veterinarian staff spent an hour and a half performing the procedure to repair the diaphragmatic hernia, and the kitten will be on supportive care over the next couple of days to help her recover from this life-threatening injury.

Spots will likely be looking at a second surgery to salvage the injured hip joint as well, which is where we need your help!

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter has spent about $500 on care for this kitten, and her next surgery to fix the hip dislocation is expected to cost an additional $500. Spots is also looking at several months of rehab care to help her get back to being a normal kitty.

Please consider donating to help give Spots a second chance at the life she deserves!

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